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Physical and Chemical Properties

Nitrogen is an element that exists in our atmosphere as a colorless, odorless, tasteless gas. Approximately four-fifths of our atmosphere is nitrogen (78.03%). Nitrogen is non-toxic and chemically inert at ordinary pressure and temperature conditions. It is nonflammable and inhibits combustion. It can act as an asphyxiant by displacing the amount of oxygen necessary to support life.

As a gas at ambient temperature, nitrogen is approximately 3% less dense than air. It can be cooled and compressed to a colorless liquid that under atmospheric pressure boils at -320.4°F (-195.8°C). As a liquid, nitrogen is approximately 81% as heavy as water.


Nitrogen is component in many gas mixtures. Used as a displacement medium in pharmaceutical vials and as a propellant in pressurized aerosol type dispensers. Medical nitrogen is used as a coolant for carbon dioxide surgical lasers and as a source of pneumatic pressure to power gas operated medical devices.

 Liquid nitrogen is used widely in cryotherapy by a dermatologist and for cryopreservation of reproductive cells, blood and biological samples. Food grade liquid nitrogen is now being used for the preparation of frozen desserts such as ice cream and other food items due to its ability to rapidly chill.

We deliver nitrogen in many different grades:

  • Medical (NF)
  • Medical Mixes
  • Ultra-High Pure (UHP)
  • Industrial


  • SDS – Nitrogen
  • CAS Number – 7727-37-9
  • UN Number – UN1066
  • Shipping Name – Nitrogen, Compressed (Nitrogen, Refrigerated Liquid)
  • Hazard Class – 2.2
  • Label – Nonflammable Gas
  • Cylinder Color Code – Black
  • Cylinder Valve – Gas-CGA580 and 960 Pin Indexed. (Liquid CGA295)

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