Physical and Chemical Properties

Oxygen (O2) is a molecule that exists at atmospheric temperatures and pressures as a colorless, odorless, tasteless gas.  About one-fifth of the atmosphere is oxygen (20.95% by volume).

The outstanding property of oxygen is its ability to sustain life and support combustion.  Although oxygen is nonflammable, materials that normally do not burn in the air can burn in an oxygen-enriched atmosphere. Materials that burn in air will burn more vigorously and at a higher temperature in an oxygen-enriched atmosphere.

As a gas, oxygen is 1.1 times heavier than air.  It can be compressed and cooled to a pale blue liquid that, under atmospheric pressure, boils at -297.3°F.  As a liquid, oxygen is 1.14 times heavier than water.


The principal uses of oxygen stem from the life-sustaining and combustion-supporting properties of the gas.

Oxygen and oxygen mixtures (e.g., oxygen-helium, oxygen-carbon dioxide) are used extensively for medical purposes. We supply oxygen for hospitals, surgery centers, fire departments, and ambulance companies for life support uses. Oxygen in combination with nitrous oxide is delivered to dentist for anesthesia. Oxygen is also used to sustain life in high attitude aviation, mountaineering, as well as deep sea diving, and similar applications.

The industrial uses of oxygen include its uses with fuel gases in such process as metal cutting, welding.  Oxygen is also used in the manufacturer of steel and as an oxidizer for fuels in rockets and missiles.

We supply and deliver oxygen in many different grades:

  • Medical (USP)
  • Aviator’s Breathing Oxygen (ABO)
  • Medical Mixes
  • Ultra-High Pure (UHP)
  • Industrial



  •  SDS-Oxygen
  • CAS Number – 7782-44-7
  • UN Number – UN1072
  • Shipping Name – Oxygen, Compressed
  • Hazard Class – 2.2, (5.1)
  • Label – Nonflammable Gas, Oxidizer
  • Cylinder Color Code – Green
  • Cylinder Valve – CGA540 Treaded and 870 Pin Indexed.

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